Abby the Bloodhound

Alice Waltermire: "I am so happy with Blue Barn Ranch. Abby our Bloodhound was puppy-trained with Kathi. Abby gave us all a fight on lay down and load, but now she is great. She is in training with Kirk for Search & Rescue. Everyone said Abby listens thanks to Kathi." July 17, 2013

Bentley and Courtney

Courtney - August 2013- " I began training with Bentley after he became scared of the Vet and other people he didn't know. We worked on this issue by taking him places around the base and to Petsmart. He would also greet people around the ranch. We also worked on his commands. He is much improved. I still train with him. He isn't so nervous anymore. I try to take him to Petsmart every weekend to expose him to crowds and other dogs. He does great with other dogs. I got the results I wanted because of Kathi. I also put a lot of hard work into him."

Bethany, Erle and Cody

Bethany, Erle and their adopted dog Cody: "We went to the beach for the first time today. We're so glad we can trust him off leash. Thanks for all your training help. June 1, 2013"

Cassie and Josh Coke

"Blue Barn Ranch is awesome! Kathi has helped us by providing training for our German Shepherd, Zasha. We adopted Zasha when she was almost 3 years old and she was fearful of anything new to her, including sounds and people. Since training her at Blue Barn Ranch, her progress has been remarkable and she has acquired her Canine Good Citizen certification. We have been dedicated to her training and she is now less anxious and more obedient. Much of her progress can be attributed to the hands on, quality training that Kathi has provided.

Blue Barn Ranch is also a great place to board your pets. Kathi provides a more personalized approach to boarding. If you train with her, she will also review your dog's training while in board. We highly recommend Blue Barn Ranch! They are extremely professional and will care for your pet just as if it were their own."



I wish I had a pic of Charlie and his beautiful family. I received this FB message from his owner Crista Parfitt earlier today...September 1, 2012 "I just wanted to let you know how important Charlie is and how thankful I am that you were able to give us and him, the help we needed. Charlie is enjoying his summer and his time in our pool. While he won't fetch anything "on land", when he is in the water he will retrieve anything! He loves it. Our youngest Evan, has that special bond with Charlie. Evan was recently diagnosed with asthma. Last night Evan had an asthma attack while he was asleep, and Charlie came and woke me...maybe coincidence, maybe not...but I am thankful that we have this dog that loves us and watches over us. We sure love him!"

Cynde & Mike Fagan

When we came to Blue Barn Ranch our family was torn apart. Nazca, our 85lb Xolo was extremely dog reactive. Arrow, our 10lb Chihuahua went to stay with my sister for his safety. Kathi worked with me and Nazca on building our confidence. Kathi helped us to reintroduce Arrow and Nazca. We all continued our training at Blue Barn Ranch. Nazca and Arrow have now passed The Canine Good Citizen Test. If you are willing to put in the work Kathi will help you succeed. Thank you so much kathi.

Cyndie Fagan

Our dogs are almost never bad now.

Mike Fagan

Donna's Angel

7/23/13 Email from Donna, pictured with her dog Angel: "The obedience training has paid off - she was an "angel" at the vet - 2 other big dogs, scared but still obedient. Thanks so much, Donna"


Lexi was 10 months old when I got her from the shelter. Her energy was so high that she became very hard to live with. Taking her back to the shelter was not an option, however she was driving me crazy and I didn't know what to do with her. Then someone mentioned to me The Blue Barn and their agility course might be a good idea.

I immediately signed her up for classes. The training at the Blue Barn revolves around having fun with your dog. Kathi , who has many years of experience training dogs, has been extremely encouraging in helping me with Lexi, and always comes up with a solution to my problem. As a result Lexi has become less anxious and more responsive to me and our bond has become stronger.

Lexi has also boarded there, it is her second home. She loves going there! I highly recommend the Blue Barn for training and boarding. Everyone there cares very much about all the animals.



Lucy is a  4 year old deaf Queensland Heeler who was re-homed to me a little over 2 years ago after my deaf dog of 16 years passed away. Lucy was timid and shy and I thought it would help to find a trainer to help her. I found Kathi at Blue Barn and  she went above and beyond what my expectations were, not only for Lucy, but for me. We continue to go to obedience  and agility classes.  Kathi is professional and uses positive reinforcement in her training  making training fun.  I also board Lucy at Blue Barn when I have to go out of town and am at total peace leaving her.  Lucy gets excited as we drive closer and closer to Blue Barn. Lucy gets to be outdoors to run and play and isn’t stuck in a cage or on concrete. Blue Barn Ranch is fenced in and also boards horses.  I have never been there when the property hasn’t been cleaned or well groomed. The horse corrals are always clean.

I highly recommend Blue Barn Ranch to anyone who needs a dog trainer or boarding as well as horse boarding.


Alice Waltermire: "Today Montana our new Border Collie is starting training with Kathi. She is 10 weeks old. Anyone that has puppies or any animals should check out Kathi at Blue Barn Ranch." July 17, 2013


I first brought my 68 lb White Shepherd/Husky mix, Nepenthe, to Blue Barn Ranch last fall. Initially, we were looking for just a boarding facility since I travel often for work. My pup, Nep for short, was just about 2 years old then and was a very unruly rescue I only had for over a year. We were both learning as we went. Kathi really helped us through our growing process – teaching me to be a good, responsible pet parent and helping Nepenthe learn obedience.  We signed up for her 1 on 1 training classes which was the best investment I could have made.  My relationship with my pup changed – it was day and night. My pup listened to me, had new respect when I said commands even from far distances, pulling when we walked almost disappeared, he can walk in heel on a major road despite the nagging need to chase big vehicles, and he could finally socialize with other dogs in controlled environments.  Soon after we also signed up for the group obedience classes which were helpful in teaching my pup to ignore distractions and pay attention to his human.  All that hard work resulted in him being awarded a Canine Good Citizen certificate last spring.  It was our proudest moment. 


Tank and Riley enjoying Blue Barn!

We are so grateful to have found Kathi and Blue Barn Ranch. Not only does she do an amazing job taking care of our fur babies when we need to board them, but she has changed the dogs for the better with the one on one training we have received with her. Kathi is unique in that she is very capable of not only training the dog, but training the owner as well. She was able to help us with an adorable, but stubborn 2 year old mutt and a one year old 130lb, playful, but strong St Bernard. Thanks to her confidence and skill, I know I can handle both dogs in any situation. The lessons we had with her were invaluable and my dogs love to go see her. Her passion, love and talent with animals is easy to see. We will continue to use her and recommend her in the future. She is the best!

Thunder and Lightning

"Thunder and Lightning are shepherd mixes from Afghanistan, pictured here at 8 months. Both dogs are comfortable in crowds and around other dogs. Also, since I work, both happily attend daycare at Blue Barn Ranch and behave beautifully for Kathi. I could not have gotten this far without all of Kathi's insight and knowledge.